New Horse at Skylake! New Horse at Skylake! D-Day and new "sister" Willow 169651704 Willow and new owner, Denise! 169651690 Hungry after a long ride to get here! 169651691 Meeting D-Day, who jumped in the creek to see her! 169651692 Meeting Velvet and Rocket 169651693 Checking out D-Day some more 169651694 "I think I like it here!" 169651695 D-Day peeking in Willow's new stall (or maybe looking for hay)! 169651696 169651697 Proud new dad! 169651698 Still hungry 169651699 Velvet sizing up the competition (she used to be the only mare)! 169651700 D-Day showing off 169651701 "Aren't I handsome?" 169651702 Willow and Denise 169651703